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Red Light


Victoria, Amber & Luna performing All Night - AS4U

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Reason f(x) can’t do a sexy concept 


Victoria: Ladies don’t have to wear short skirts and show more skin to be sexy…Honestly if we try to show skin, Amber won’t do it.
Kangin: Why? what’s wrong with Amber?
Amber: Everyone will fall in love with me…if I show my skin, it’s dangerous.
DANGER, DANGER you heard me.
Victoria: Amber can be really sexy if she tries.
Kangin: I know.
Luna: She was the sexiest one when we shot our cover photo.


introducing you team unnies from f(x)

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victoria in zhang liyin’s ‘agape’ mv teaser ft. exo’s tao



Zhang Li Yin -爱的独白 (Agape) - Music Video Teaser feat. f(Victoria)

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